Hooking up the Winch

When asked, you’ll need to do the following steps to hook up a winch.

First, grab your gloves, a tree saver strap, D shackle, and the winch remote control.

Hooking up a Winch Hooking up a Winch

Hooking up a Winch First, plug in the winch’s remote control.

Hooking up a Winch And, wrap the remote control cord around the mirror to keep it away from the ground or tires and hand it to the driver.

Then, determine which direction the Jeep needs to go to get unstuck.

Locate a large living tree or vehicle to use as an anchor point. The anchor point needs to be at least 2 to 3 Jeep lengths away in order to pull the Jeep far enough forward to get unstuck.

Hooking up a Winch Turn the lever on the winch to freespool and pull the winch line towards the tree or vehicle you intend to use as an anchor.

Hooking up a Winch When using a tree as an anchor, place the tree saver strap around the tree trunk near the ground. This is the strongest part of the tree and the least likely place to do damage to the tree’s bark.

Have the looped ends of the strap facing the winch. Remove the screw pin from the shackle and push the shackle through the strap’s looped ends. The round part of the D shackle needs to go through the strap’s eyes, leaving the pin available for the winch hook.

Hooking up a Winch Then screw the pin back in, finger tight. Unscrew the pin ¼ turn to prevent it from binding.

Hooking up a Winch Connect the hook or thimble to the shackle. If using a hook, make sure the open part of the hook is facing up for safety.

Hooking up a Winch Lay a winch line weight across the winch line, if you have one.

Hooking up a Winch Then, go back to the winch and turn the handle back to “Engaged”.

Be sure everyone is well clear of the area. At least 150 feet away.

Once the Jeep is unstuck, disconnect the winch hook or thimble from the tree saver strap/D shackle and put those items away.

Next, the driver will use the remote winch control to respool the winch cable. You need to feed the winch line in evenly from side to side on the drum.

Hooking up a Winch Finally, disconnect the remote control and put it and your gloves within easy reach in case you need them again.

To learn more about winch safety and signals click here: Winch Safety